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Latest predictions
Date Match Prediction Result Status
17-7-2024 PK-35 - Jaro Over 2.5
Tipster: Thomas van Stein - Europe punter
2:1 WON
17-7-2024 Edinburgh City - Clyde Over 2.75
Tipster: O`Reilly - EPL master
0:5 WON
17-7-2024 Struga - Slovan Bratislava Over 2.75
Tipster: Misha Ivanov - over/under punter
1:2 WON 1/2
17-7-2024 Amiens - Francs Borains Over 2.75
Tipster: Giacomo Rossini - Calcio pronostici
2:3 WON
17-7-2024 Differdange - Klaksvik Over 2.75
Tipster: C.Perez - Spain master
0:0 Lost
17-7-2024 Gwangju FC - Seongnam Over 2.75
Tipster: Mr. Petrović - goal/goal master
2:2 (ET 3:2) WON
17-7-2024 Gimpo FC - Jeju Utd Under 2.25
Tipster: Gareth James - InsideMan
0:1 WON
17-7-2024 KTP - TPS Over 2.75
Tipster: Paul K. - The Handicapper
1:2 WON 1/2
17-7-2024 KaPa - JIPPO Over 2.75
Tipster: Best UK capper
1:4 WON
16-7-2024 Cove Rangers - Spartans Over 2.75
Tipster: Thomas van Stein - Europe punter
0:5 WON
16-7-2024 Alloa - East Fife Over 2.75
Tipster: O`Reilly - EPL master
0:0 (pen. 5:3) Lost
16-7-2024 Celje - Flora Celje -2.25
Tipster: Misha Ivanov - over/under punter
2:1 Lost
16-7-2024 Marchfeld - Stammersdorf Marchfeld -1.75
Tipster: Giacomo Rossini - Calcio pronostici
4:0 WON
16-7-2024 Rukh Lviv - Luton Under 2.75
Tipster: C.Perez - Spain master
0:1 WON

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It is so well known that soccer is the most famous sport in the world and according our soccer predictions you could earn money as buy soccer tips. People love to watch it no matter if they are at home, sitting in front of the television or on the tribunes of the stadium. They love to play it during the weekend with some friends in the local park. And for sure people love betting on soccer. Because of this worldwide popularity of the football game, bookmakers are trying so hard when setting their prices, because they do not want you to win all the time. But if you put some effort, get to know the game better, seek and study information about the different strategies and statistics, you will be able to develop such a personal soccer system that will get you a certain profit in the future, especially with good soccer predictions.
If you are ready to begin with your research the most convenient way to do it is of course Internet like searching for 1X2 predictions or Over/Under odds called totals. The statistics section of Football365 is a good place to start. There is an advice that you can take if you want, but for sure it works - if you want to make money on betting, you can use markets which are not so popular and bet on them or search in google. Such markets for example are the number of yellow or red cards in a match. You can also take wiser decision and buy professional soccer picks from football experts called tipsters.
When you are ready and you think that you can start with soccer betting and you want to select the teams or the league that you want to support with your bet, you can take a look on a complete guide that can orient you about English soccer, or La Liga, Bundesliga and all the other competitions that you may be interested in.